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Benefits of Giving Securities and Mutual Funds

Donating securities or mutual funds allows you to increase the impact of your gift to ensure a vibrant and thriving arts community for years to come.

By donating securities, you eliminate the capital gains tax that you’d have to pay if you sold the securities and then donated the proceeds. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation – providing you with a double tax benefit.

Here are some approximate figures to showcase the benefits of gifting securities:


  Sell Securities for Cash. Donate After-Tax Proceeds Donation Securities Directly
Original Cost of Securities $1,000 $1,000
Current Market Value $5,000 $5,000
Capital Gains $4,000 $4,000
Tax of Capital Gains $920 $0
Donation Amount After-Tax $4,080 $5,000 ($920 more!)
Your Charitable Tax Credit $1,876 $2,300 ($424 more on your tax receipt)


If you have questions regarding your donation, please email Jason Demers, Director of Development.

How To Donate Securities and Mutual Funds:

Option 1: Use CanadaHelps

  • Donate your securities directly through CanadaHelps by clicking the box below. 2 - 3% processing fee applied to all donations.

click here to donate via Canada Helps

Option 2: Use Theate Calgary’s PDF Form

  • Download form found here.

  • Complete form.

  • Email completed form to Jason Demers, Director of Development.

  • Once the shares have been received by Theatre Calgary, a tax receipt will be issued to you for the fair market value. This being the closing price, on the date the shares are received by Theatre Calgary.

Funds will support Theatre Calgary’s immediate needs to produce innovative, impactful, and diverse programming while offering artists paid mentorships and training, as well as an array of community outreach programs.


Theatre Calgary Endowment Foundation

You may also choose to donate your securities to the Theatre Calgary Endowment Foundation. The Theatre Calgary Endowment Foundation is an endowment fund created to support the long-term operations of the organization. Funds received by the Foundation are held in perpetuity.

A portion of the return earned on the endowment fund is contributed annually to Theatre Calgary. The Foundation operates independently and at arms-length from the Theatre Calgary and is overseen by the Trustees of the Theatre Calgary Endowment Foundation Board.

If you would like to direct your donation to the Theatre Calgary Endowment Foundation, please download this form and email to Jason Demers, Director of Development.